The Air Travel Advisory Bureau (ATAB) was originally founded in 1982 by Tony White to help the public find the best fares to worldwide destinations.

It was the first national price comparison system, which is now copied by many online services. Its slogan was 'One Call Keeps the Airfare Small'. It handed literally thousands of calls per month of which fifty percent were repeat and referral business. The public loved it.

About ATAB

Was your flight delayed for more than 3 hours, cancelled or overbooked? Then you are probably entitled to compensation from the airline company.   We believe that you should claim the compensation on your own, following a few simple steps.   How to make a claim on your own
Reclaim Your APD Air Travel Advisory Bureau

How to reclaim your Air Passenger Duty (APD) - we make it simple and provide a vital form for you to use to complete the process.

If the airline won’t play fair we also provide information on how you can complain.

How to Reclaim Your APD

Know your Rights Air Travel Advisory BureauWant to know where you stand when it comes to anything air travel? You should know your rights.

Know Your Rights

Air Travel Advisory Bureau APD Refunds

The UK has the highest Air Passenger Duty in Europe. We want two simple things: this tax reduced and return of this tax to passengers for unused flights. We need your support so please get involved.

Simplify APD Refunds

We want to know which airline is the best and which is the worst so we can give the most accurate advice.

To do that we need you!

Please fill out our quick online survey. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Airline Survey

Brian Simpson MEP Chairman of The European Parliaments Transport Committee supports ATABs latest campaign .

Transparent Flight Prices

Airmiles explaination Air Travel Advisory BureauIt’s a jungle out there… see how you can get the best value from your air miles.

Air Miles

Joe Goddard Air Travel Advisory Bureau claim"I contacted Tony at ATAB UK who was more than happy to help me pursue a formal complaints procedure with the hope of getting back some of the money from the extra ticket....I received a refund of £653 for my original ticket only a few months of writing my first letter of complaint."

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