With the Paralympics underway leading charities have chosen this as an opportune moment to raise concern over the lack of facilities available for the disabled. In a bid to make life easier for those with disabilities leading charities asked hotels, airlines, rail operators and attractions to be better equipped to accommodate travellers with disabilities. The charities feel there is a greater need of awareness among staff so that facilities available for the disabled can be appropriately given to them.

The head of policy and campaigns of Leonard Cheshire charities feels steps are being taken for making living in the normal world more comfortable for the disabled yet there is scope for much improvement. He cited a recent example where a hotel guest was turned away because he was accompanied by his guide dog. In his view this was appalling in this day and age. In his opinion hotels must think of providing more than just level. He suggests they should install hoists to cater to people with varied disabilities.

Brian Seaman representing the charity Tourism for All said that though there were improvements and the government and private organizations were spending funds on bettering facilities, there was still a lot that can be done. In his view airlines could do with some modifications of rules that would assist the disabled on board. He gave an example of easyJet not allowing a man on a wheelchair on board because he could not move to the emergency exit without assistance.

A little more understanding and empathy is required when it comes to dealing with disabled and the travel industry needs to extend cooperation towards this cause.


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