About ATAB

      Claim the compensation that you are legally entitled to – ON YOUR OWN!

        The Air Travel Advisory Bureau (ATAB) was originally founded in 1982 by Tony White to help the public find the best fares to worldwide destinations. It was the first national price comparison system, which is now copied by many online services. Its slogan was ‘One Call Keeps the Airfare Small’. It handed literally thousands of calls per month of which fifty percent were repeat and referral business. The public loved it.

        Tony re-launched ATAB in 2011 because he thought that the system for reclaiming Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax from airlines when a passenger had not flown, was unfair. ATAB enjoyed a great deal of success in that endeavor and managed to help many people reclaim APD tax that had been unfairly withheld.

        Since the court ruling in June 2014 that confirmed the EU law that passengers can claim for flight delays as well, ATAB has decided to concentrate its efforts on assisting passengers in claiming the compensation that they are entitled to on their own.