How can ATAB help me?

ATAB is committed to helping airline passengers receive what they are entitled to in case of a delayed flight, a cancelled flight or in case they have been denied boarding because of overbooking.

The entire complaint process, as the EU legislator had imagined it, was supposed to be relatively simple in order for the European consumer to be truly protected. But our experience in this domain showed us that it takes a lot of time and effort to get the responsible airline operators to recognise your rights and pay what you are entitled to in the light of the EU Regulation no. 261/2004, as it is interpreted by the European Court of Justice and a number of other national courts within the EU.

Do I have a claim?

After you fill in our online form, the ATAB team will analyse your claim to see if it is legally valid and, if so, how much it could be worth. After this step, you will receive a report on your email address containing all the relevant information of the analysis and a first estimation of how much time it will take for the complaint to be processed.

What information will I need to provide ATAB in order for them to make the claim in my name?

In order for ATAB to process your claim, you may be asked to upload copies of the following documents while filling our online complaint:

  • Booking confirmation
  • Tickets
  • Boarding pass

Does the Regulation only apply to Europeans?

No. Passengers from any nationality can claim if their flight is covered by the EU law.
In order to be covered by the Regulation, your flight must be either departing from an EU airport and operated by any airline or arriving at an EU airport and operated by an EU airline.
Airports in Iceland, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Norway also qualify as EU airports under the Regulation’s provisions.

How much will I be charged?

ATAB works based on a no-win-no-fee system, meaning that you will have to pay us only if we succeed in receiving your compensation money. We will charge you 25% (+ VAT) of the total claim amount without any additional administrative costs, even if we will have to take your claim to court.
If we are not able to solve your claim, you do not have to pay us anything.

If the airline company has given me a negative response, can I still submit a claim through ATAB?

Of course you can! In fact, we recommend you do so, because the airline companies usually reject aprox. 90% of the claims at the first request. If this is your case, we will take a look at your claim and try to find the best alternative of making it successful.

Will I be kept up to date with the status of my claim?

As soon as we will have new information regarding the status of your claim, we will inform you via email.If you have not received any email from ATAB, it means that there are no new updates at that stage of the process. However, always feel free to drop us an e-mail or just give us a call to inquire about the status of your case.

Does ATAB guarantee that I will receive a compensation?

ATAB cannot guarantee that you will receive the compensation, because no matter how clear the EU legislation might be, there are always a lot of details to take into account. However, our legal team will carefully analyse your claim and we will keep you posted with any turn the claiming process might take.

How long will I have to wait to receive my compensation?

After receiving your personal and flight information, our ATAB team will investigate the matter so that all the details are in place before we file the claim with the airline operator.
If the airline company doesn’t respond to the claim in about 20 days, we begin our collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority regarding your complaint. If we will not receive the response we are looking for even after using the CAA’s individual report regarding your case, we will then consider issuing court proceedings.
Unfortunately, we are not able to predict how long this whole process will take exactly. But you can be sure that we will constantly keep you posted with every news about the evolution of your complaint’s stages.

Can I also file a claim for another person?

You can file claims for all the passengers under your booking. Alternatively, all the people under your booking can fill the ATAB online forms so that they will be processed as individual claims.

What happens with my personal information?

ATAB only uses your personal information for specific purposes that are strictly related to the claiming process and will not provide it to third parties.

I would like to know more about the compensation process and I couldn’t find the relevant information. Can I consult with your team on specific matters?

Our team will be more than happy to answer all your questions related to the complaint process. Should you have any, please send us an email at info@atab.org.uk or phone us at the following number:+020 8994 5970 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.