Tony White

With more than forty years experience with the leading companies in the international travel business Tony White is in a good position to judge when things are heading in the wrong direction, and that’s what’s happening now. You are here because you feel you have been badly treated by an airline.

Perhaps you have been unable to travel and – guess what – you’ve found it impossible to get a refund or maybe you are just a little annoyed by all of those extra charges that you don’t quite understand.

The fact is, airlines make more money out of you if you DON’T travel so that’s why you’ve found it so hard to get your money back Tony and his team have decided to launch to address these grievances and secure effective action.

With his knowledge and with your help we can target the bad practices of the airlines  and help you to persuade them to play fair.

Our prime objective will be to inform travellers of their rights. We will advise them how to claim airport tax refunds on unused tickets and how to avoid other bad practices in the airline industry. We will also work with other similar organisations worldwide to lobby against unfair practices.

We are here to demand answers – and action. Why is it that airlines impose fuel surcharges when most airlines buy their fuel two years in advance? Why are Government and airport taxes higher in the UK than almost anywhere else in the World? How can an airline justify hanging onto money its collected as Government tax – your money ? Why should you pay a surcharge if you buy a ticket with a credit or debit card?