ATAB want you to get the most from Airmiles. So we have put together a comparison of the best Air mileage programs. Air Mileage Programme Comparisons

We have compared mileage programs from the UK’s leading airlines and provided you a break down of what you can expect to gain by signing up to them.

Before you sign up to one though, you should read our Air miles – Winners and Losers page

Mileage programmes are created to provide loyalty for the Airline. As a consequence, the more you use the specific airline that you are participating with the more mileage you will accumulate.

There are “Three” types of programmes:

  • A credit card co-branded for a specific airline
  • A credit card more generic toward multiple airlines
  • The airline’s own programme
Several items one should look at prior to joining a mileage programme:
    • Join that airline programme which will be used most often by you

      You need to chose a programme of that airline that you most frequently use and/or
      Their airline partners, which may be used in lieu of the principle airline

    • Join the credit card system that will give you the best available benefits on your chosen airline

    • Join the airline programme at the same time as the credit card programme for your identified airline
    • Purchase your personal daily expenditures using your mileage credit card
      Purchase using your credit card and watch for specials at specific stores, If possible run your company using your personal credit card, enrol your partner or family members to accumulate points in your behalf using the designated credit card

    • Purchase your airline tickets using the designated credit card
      When purchasing your airline ticket with the designated credit card you can accumulate miles from both the credit card and the airline (if you have enrolled in their programme) thus accumulating double miles.

    • Purchase upgrades (using your designated credit card at the airline counter, receiving mileage from both the airline and credit card company

    • If possible  pay your statement in full
      Some credit cards which are most active in the airline programmes have a higher APR if not paid off in full 

    • Review the joining fees of the credit card, will the benefit out-weight the annual initial cost
    • Does the credit card programme offer a companion benefit?
      The companion benefit usually are not eligible on any airline but the airline you belong to, but are liberal in the time limits to be used and offer a significant advantage on long-haul as they are good in any class that the cardholders books
    • Join that credit card which will allow points to go toward hotels if you take hotels or other travel benefits
    • The mileage benefits usually will work best on long haul return  tickets in business  and first class
      Today with so many low fares, one can find that the taxes, fees and administration costs are far greater using your mileage (on short haul and commercially competitive routes) than the internet airline rates


Note: one should review using your mileage points, against the internet rates of the designated airline, and or the airlines’ partner (if you can use your mileage on the partners’ routes) to see where the advantage is best.