Tip 1: Always use your Credit Card.

Despite much persuasion to use your Debit Card, “No Fees, No Penalties” may look attractive when booking but you must be on your guard. Using a debit card for payment when you are dealing with an airline directly whether it be British Airways or Ryanair means you have NO FINANCIAL PROTECTION whatsoever for purchases which total over £100. In the event of an airline failing you will lose all your money and enjoy NO RECOMPENSE at all. So take our advice ALWAYS pay by CREDIT CARD or book through an ATOL licensed agent, that way you’ll save the credit card fee and enjoy full financial protection.

Tip 2: Where possible book with an ATOL bonded agent, especially if you are booking a package holiday.

ATOL is a financial protection scheme for holidaymakers. If an ATOL tour operator fails, the ATOL scheme ensures customers contracted with the ATOL holder for an air package or a flight, so you do not lose the money paid over and are not stranded abroad.

Tip 3: Make sure when booking online that the travel insurance box is not pre-ticked.

It is illegal within the EU for airlines to have pre-ticked insurance boxes when making a booking. These insurances offered are usually overpriced and/or do not adequately cover you.  Purchase your own external insurance which is often cheaper and gives you real peace of mind.

Tip 4: Make sure the hand baggage test size grids are of the proper size and do not have rounded corners.

You may find that you are able to fit your hand baggage into a baggage size test grid on your flight out only to find that your identical baggage will not fit on the return flight, this is due to rounding of the corners on test grids. This is just one of the tricks employed to catch the air traveller out unawares. If you are using “low cost” airlines and/or suspect an airline known for its unscrupulous practices, make sure you have your flights hand baggage policy printed and something to measure with to hand (a tailors measuring tape, for example). Grids must fit the cuboid dimensions found in the policy, rounded edges mean the dimensions are smaller.

Tip 5: Before renting a car study the small print first

You could end up paying much more than you bargained for if you don’t study carefully the terms and conditions of the renter. Add on insurances, insisted at local pickups, plus extras such as additional drivers and the hire of children’s seats can boost your bill quite substantially. Try to avoid, also, taking a car with a full tank and returning it empy. Some rental companies charge you a huge amount for the petrol in advance

Tip 6 Use your air miles wisely

Before you buy flights with your air miles make sure you are getting the best buys and remember that the air miles only apply to the cost of the ticket itself, not the add ons such as taxes and surcharges