We are campaigning to make the process of reclaiming the unused APD simple and without, often exorbitant admin fees, which are often more than the amount refundable.

Many airlines currently make it very difficult for people to get a refund on APD and with your help we plan to make a change.

ATAB Chairman, Tony White said

“It is truly shocking, we’ve found some airlines that will charge an ‘administration fee’ greater than the value of the refund. This is a complete rip-off and it’s our intention to put an end to it. If you have booked an airline ticket out of the UK anytime since 1994, and not flown, then we want to hear from you”.

Airlines unfairly benefit from millions of pounds in unpaid tax refunds. You yourself may well have missed and or cancelled a flight and you are entitled to a refund of the taxes.

The charges you pay when you fly include taxes and charges which are payable to the Government. If you don’t fly, for whatever reason, these charges and taxes are not paid by the airline.

The Consumer Association’s magazine Which? estimated that Ryanair in 2003 pocketed in excess of £5,000,000 pounds in un-refunded taxes. This is not the airlines money. This is the travellers money and it should be refunded as efficiently and as easily as you are able to buy the ticket in the fist place.

Head of Research for Which Travel, Rochelle Turner, told ATAB:

“Airlines should not be the automatic beneficiary of any unclaimed APD, and any administration fees that put people off claiming back the APD are unfair. We want to see all airlines either charge an appropriate fee for reclaiming the Air Passenger Duty on unused flights, or simply charge nothing at all.”

Visit our How To Reclaim your Taxes page we provide advice on how you can reclaim your taxes, a form for you to use to complete the process. If the airline won’t play fair we also provide information on how you can complain.

Should you not be satisfied with the airlines response you may want to consider the small claims process. We offer a guide on how the system works. Check the small claims procedures guide here. We do not offer this guide as advice or encouragement.

Try to get a refund on these items and see how far you get! You will encounter a wall of misinformation, obscure processes, hours on the telephone at your own expense. Most probably you will give up out of pure frustration having encountered yet another dead end or being transferred to yet another extension that just rings out.


Together, we CAN and WILL make a difference.

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