Follow our simple guide to demand that the airline refunds your taxes.

To get your refund the first course of action is to contact the airline. We have found that each airline has different procedures and it has been reported to us that you have to be determined, so don’t give up.

Make your request in writing, there are no standard forms to complete, however, ATAB has created a form for you. We have used the EU Commissions standard complaint form as a template so that you can use it for claiming compensation. This form is prepared according to regulation 261/2004 and can be downloaded by clicking here: Air Passenger Tax Refund Form

To find your airline follow this airline directory link. Find the best contact details for the airline who is still holding your money and don’t give up!

If the Airline does not play fair get in contact with us. You should also bring your complaint to the attention of the relevant National Enforcement Body. In the UK this would be:

Civil Aviation Authority
CAA House
45-59 Kingsway
Tel. : +44 20 7379 7311
Fax : +44 20 7944 2190

A full list of European National Enforcement Agencies can be found here.

Should you not be satisfied with the airlines response you may want to consider the small claims process. We offer a guide on how the system works. Check the small claims procedures guide here. We do not offer this guide as advice or encouragement.

Join our campaign “A Fair Deal for the Airline Traveller”.
and write to the The Minister of State for Transport.