According to Amadeus, the international booking group, airlines made about £16.2 billion on charges aside from the standard ticket prices during the first 10 months of 2010. And these culprits are not only budget airlines but include BA and other giants of the sky, too. transparent flight prices

Until the Advertising Standards Authority tightens up regulations we would suggest that you, the buyer be diligent when buying your airline tickets.

We demand price transparency when booking flights!

 ATAB wants a better deal for passengers: transparent flight prices

  • All airlines to make their charges transparent at the outset.
  • The Government to require that any taxes are not wrapped up in other airline charges.
  • Airlines to have an opt-out box for seating and all other choices.
  • Include the fuel charge in the price of the ticket.

ATAB commissioned a survey of the REAL fares paid by a family of four to one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations – Palma, in Mallorca, Spain for June 2011, at the start of the peak holiday season.

Air Travel Price Comparison